Camping Near Paris

Louvre Courtyard
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Camping near Paris is quite feasible.  We used a campground most often called Bois du Bologne.   It also goes by the name Paris Indigo Campsite (perhaps a bit of remarketing), as it seems to be part of a campground group called Camping Indigo.   In any case, it is located in western Paris in the expansive green area known as the Bois du Bologne park,  

It is the only camping near Paris.  While not in the city center, it is manageable to get to and from the center of Paris in about 20 minutes via the campground shuttle and Paris metro system. 

We spent three and a half days in Paris, trying to see as many big sights as we could. It was very crowded, so long lines were the norm to get into museums.

  • We visited the Louvre and scratched the surface - you could spend a week in this museum alone.
  • We took the ride up to the top of the Eiffel Tower one day (very neat!), saw it lit up another night.
  • At Notre Dame we climbed the 422 steps to the tower, sharing great views with the gargoyles.
  • We saw the works of Impressionist painters at the Musee d'Orsay and the Orangerie.
Notre Dame
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  • We walked through the Tuileries Gardens and along the Champs-Elysees.
  • We saw the impressive Arc de Triomphe and the fantastic stained glass windows in St. Chapelle. 

Interesting bathrooms are located in various places along the sidewalk on main street in Paris.    It looks like a large booth, all closed in.    You press a button, door slides open.    You go in, door slides shut,  you do your thing.      Place you hands under the respective images above the sink and you get soap, then water, then hand-dryer.     If you try to flush the toilet, it talks to you in French - we think it says that the toilet will be cleaned automatically when you leave.

Bathroom Booth in Paris
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When you are ready to leave, you push a button, door slides open and you go out.     Door shuts automatically behind you and then the bathroom booth cleans itself - apparently toilet gets flushed, sink and floor washed.     When the machine is clean, green light comes on.     Voila! Ready for the next customer. Something different.

We saw many of the different areas of Paris. We took a sightseeing bus to get around the city, as well as the Metro (subway).   And we walked a lot.     We munched on bread from the boulangeries, pastry from the patisseries, meals at sidewalk cafes and wonderful glace (ice cream).

Speaking of food, we have not had a bad meal since we got to Europe. Fantastic bread in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Everywhere are tasty and affordable sandwiches simply made with modest amount of meat, cheese or other filling on great baguettes or interesting rolls.

Croissants, Belgian waffles, crepes, escargot, lamb, cheeses, mussels, smoked salmon, sausage, cured meats, roasted meats, olives.

International cuisine everywhere, so we have been eating whatever strikes our fancy at the moment.    In addition to typical Parisienne fare in Paris, a Moroccan restaurant was a real find with beautifully presented tangine and couscous dishes. We've also had a wonderful Turkish dinner in Germany, Greek gyros for lunch one day, Indonesian rice and noodle dishes in Amsterdam.

And we love shopping in local grocery stores. Trying to decipher labels and pricing in another language for unfamiliar products is great fun. We have minimal space to cook in the RV, but we try to eat some of our meals at home - especially breakfast and lunch if we are driving around. And the food we have bought in the stores tastes better than in the U.S. - fruit, eggs, yogurt, even packaged food and canned vegetables taste better. It could be our imagination or perhaps it is just a matter of less salt, processing, preservatives and shelf time.

In any case, the eating has been fantastic.

Back to camping near Paris - what the Bois du Bologne has going for it is the location.  There is a store with fresh bread/croissants  and a small restaurant with basic fare.  But the place is run down, and in our opinion would not be acceptable for tenting. 

There is no internet except for two computers in the office to be shared among the couple hundred sites.   The bathrooms were outdated and not well-maintained.   Polite and efficient, but not terribly helpful staff.   We could have gone elsewhere, but decided that the location camping near Paris was worth a few sacrifices.  After all,  we didn't plan to be in the campground much anyway.

We enjoyed our visit camping near Paris and seeing some of the city's many sights. Then we were off to Versailles.

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On the way from Brussels to Paris, we spent a day in Bruges, Belgium. Another beautiful medieval town with delightful architecture and cobbled streets.

We parked near the center of town and rode our bikes a few kilometers into the historic section.  There we poked around the market, looking at the produce and then buying ourselves a picnic lunch. 

We took a canal boat cruise, walked bout town and then headed back to the RV on our bicycles. 

After Bruges, we crossed the border into France and spent the night at Ferme des Anneaux, one of the participating France Passion, "A la Ferme (farm)" locations.

A charming stay at this farm.  We enjoyed the ambiance and purchased some of their wonderful yogurt and ice cream.

Buying local products and meeting the hospitable owners of farms and vineyards - a great program!

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Camping Near Paris

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